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Surfing in the Solomon Islands and fishing while building a school at Kagata. Can you have any more fun???  Not long to go before we get over there.  Six of us so far, will be making the journey to Kagata.  The tools and everything have been sent, and the timber is being cut as we speak.  The plan is to build another building.  This will be a kitchen and communal eating area, and it will be built to replace the current one which was damaged in the cyclone.  We'll also fix up the old building and convert it into a schoolhouse.

The old communal eating house and kitchen.  The new one will be built to the right of this.

Schooling is obviously important, and something we take for granted here in Australia.  Unfortunately for those in the remote areas of the Solomon Islands, distance means schooling either doesn't happen, or children are sent away for very long periods from their families, and put in positions where there is the potential for harm.  It costs little to build these buildings, by Australian standards, but is out of reach for many of the Islanders. This unfortunately means that the Islanders have to make deals with miners and loggers in exchange for schooling.  Controlled tourism is a much better option for everyone.

To have a local teacher in the Solomon Islands, only costs $75 Australian dollars per week.  The school is only part of the plan.  The next stage will be to build another accommodation hut that is a little more "upmarket".  The money collected from tourists staying in that hut will eventually pay for the teacher.

Adele.  Can't wait to have her school.

You'll be able to stay in a wonderful place in the world, in relative comfort knowing that your money is contributing to the village and the villagers, in a positive and sustainable way.  Win-win.

Soon we're off - building stuff and playing in paradise.  All with a really nice feel-good vibe.  Big big big thanks to everyone who has helped so far.  You have made it all a joy, and easy.

If you want to be involved, or have any enquiries, email me at  Or if you want to organise a holiday, email Laurie directly through the contact page on this website.  The money goes straight to the village.  No middle men.

4 in the water.  Crowd's massive, by Solomon standards.