If you ever wanted evidence of what a great community we have, the recent Lion’s club Kagata Village Fundraiser “Share The Love” was the perfect place to see this.  

There was a lot of love in the room at Club Lennox on the night of the 29th September, and lots of people giving up their hard earned cash to contribute to a group of people they’ve never met before; the kids of Kagata Village in the Solomon Islands.  Just beautiful.  

It was a fabulous night, with video footage of the school being built, combined with entertainment and stellar performances by Bronny and The Bishops and The Jazcats.  How great are our Lion’s Club?  Taking over from me when I wasn’t able to, they staged an event that was simply spectacular in its success.  

As a result of the evening, around about 25 children in this very remote part of the Solomon Islands will have a teacher for about 12 months.  This means that they don’t have to sell their land to miners and loggers, and potentially destroy their lifestyle and environment.  

Approximately $4000 was raised on the night which is an amazing feat for a small community. All because we had some fun.  Win-win-win!

Thanks again to the Lion’s Club and our wonderful community.  Love your work.