A lot has been happening in the village, and we have some GREAT news. The school house is built, although it still needs a little bit of fine tuning.  The guys have been busy and have built some huts for any kids that may need accommodation.  As the school is the only one in the area it will serve kids from quite a distance.  Some of these kids will have to stay in the village for the school week.  I love the community there.  Everyone pitches in and supports the school and the kids.  The kids all have to be fed and looked after so that task is taken on collectively. Beautiful. 

Without a teacher a school house is just a building. The big news is that our sensational Laurie has organised a teacher.  We have a teacher in our little school.  It's SO fantastic to see our construction with smiling kids in it, a blackboard, and their work around the place. VERY cool. Laurie is currently organising with the Solomon Islands Education Department to have the teachers wages paid.  While he jumps through the beaurocratic hoops, we are covering the gap. 

This leads nicely into the extended community that has been created out in the rest of the world because of this project. The village has a wonderful new friend, Erica Adamson, who is organising a fundraiser, and is personally contributing to the cause. Erica has introduced many of her friends who are also very generously helping out. (people can be so wonderful).

I have organised a meeting with the Lions club in my area and they are currently looking to help as well.

As well as all that we are planning a trip to the village in December. So far I have had lots of people interested in coming both to help and to holiday. The helpers will be coming to  

A) Finish off some projects 

B) Start building a nicer hut to make the village a little more family friendly. 

C) Work out what are the next priorities.

And of course, surf, fish and play in a spectacular part of the world.

Andrew and I have designed the huts, and I am looking at some nicer beds, complete with large box mosquito nets to allow more air around the bed. Cool but simple. I plan on getting at least one of these huts started in December.

I am investigating the possibility of setting up some composting toilets for the huts. If I can get this up and running we can avoid any contamination of groundwater, avoid wasting good, clean drinking water, and avoid complicated plumbing. It seems to be a great and affordable option.

The plan is for the village to have a few options for accommodation to cater for basic adventure stays, and for more more "gentle" holidays. We are very clear though that we want the place to stay as simple and quiet as possible, and that your stay with the locals is as friends, that you are part of the village, and part of their community.

For those that don't know, I teach people to paint and do workshops all over the place. I'm loosely planning on one in the Village in 2016. Stay tuned.