A stay in Kagata is not  just a holiday, its a life experience.

Pure Solomons

The Solomon Islands are a beautiful cliché. Warm, crystal clear water, Coconut palms and beautiful, happy people.

Kagata Village is tucked into a remote north corner of the hundreds of islands that make up the group. This is not a 5 star resort. This is back to basics blissful island living. Its timeless and a stay here will never become a vague memory of just another bland resort. You can catch your own dinner here, Dog tooth tuna,  Spanish mackerel, mangrove jacks and mud crabs.

You fit into the lives of the villagers as much as you want, or not. Lie under a tree, look for crocodiles, snorkel (not with the crocodiles) or surf. Drop down the face of a glassy left or right.  Short punchy tubes or longer crystal walls, empty. On these days you can have a surf you will relive,  forever.



Smiles will win you in heartbeats. You are with friends. You'll fall in love with the easy going charm of the Solomon Islanders.


Clean, clear water, air, fish and reefs.  Endless, colour filled  and lush landscapes. Pristine.


The perfumed and delicate flavours of local pineapples, mangoes and freshly caught  fish. Simple, wholesome and healthy.